Yuko Inoue Concerts


 Yuko Inoue playing the Marimba in Nagoya

(with Prof. Mikazuki/ A.sax. in Japan) 

(with Former US House of  Representatives     Ms. Diane Watson/ in Hollywood)

(Solo Performance in Japan)

Concerts & Events

La La La Marimba Concert

March 30 (Sat) 2019 Nagoya Cartier Latin

March 31 (Sun) 2019 Kakamigahara Stella- Luce

April 7 (Sat) 2019 Obihiro, Hokkaido

April 8 (Sun) 2019 Obihiro, Hokkaido

Asian Connection Concert

Sep 4 (Mon.) 2017

Lausanne, Switzerland

Yuko Inoue (The premiere performance of her own composition)

School Concert

May 30 (Mon.) 2016

Kakamigahara, Gifu, Japan

Ensemble Jeune (Yuko Inoue -Mar., Kinuko Komori- Vl., Naomi Takahashi- Pf.)

School Concert

June 1 (Wed.) 2016

Gifu, Japan

Ensemble Jeune (Yuko inoue-Mar., Kinuko Komori-Vl., Naomi Takahashi- Pf.)

Hungarian Festival in Aichi pref.

June 5 (Sun.) 2016, 13:30 pm

Nagoya Kokusai Center Hall, Aichi pref., Japan

Yuko Inoue (Mar.)

Hungaria Festival Flyer1Hungarian Festival flyer 2

School Concert

October 9 (Fri.) 2015

Tokyo, Japan

Ensemble Hibiki (Yuko Inoue, Kayoko Masaki, Mitsue Nojima-Marimba, Chisa Yuasa-Piano, Takashi Satake-Drums)

Ensemble Hibiki Concert

October 17 (Sat.)2015 @ 16:00

Shimokitazawa Half Moon Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Ensemble Hibiki (Yuko Inoue & Kayoko Masaki-Marimba, Chisa Yuasa-Piano, Takashi Satake-Drums)

Tokyo Concert

Yuko Inoue Marimba Concert

November 8 (Sun.) 2015 @ 14:00

Sanko Museum of Fine Arts in Gifu, Japan

Guest Kinuko Komori (Violin)

Yuko Inoue Marimba Concert

Yuko Inoue & Misako Murayama Concert

November 14 (Sat.) 2015 @15:00

Stella Luce in Kakamigahara, Gifu Pref. Japan

Yuko Inoue (Marimba), Misako Murayama (Piano)

Yuko Inoue and Misako Murayama Concert

Yuko Inoue Marimba Concert

October 25 (Sat.) 2014 at 18:00 (SOLD OUT)

 Kakamigahara, Gifu pref. Japan

Yuko Inoue (Marimba) & Naomi Takahashi (Piano)


Constanze House Concert No.61

October 20 (Sun.) 2013 at 15:00 (SOLD OUT)

Marimba + Clarinet + Piano

Yuko Inoue (Marimba)  Emi Kanda (Clarinet) Yaeko Tomita (Piano accomp.)

in Kakamigahara, Gifu pref. Japan

 Constanze House in Kakamigahara


"Jeu-Ne" Concert  

November 3 (Sun.) 2013 at 14:00 for kids and parents (SOLD OUT)

                                          at 18:30 for general concert (SOLD OUT)

in Nagoya, Aichi pref. Japan

Marimba + Clarinet + Piano

Yuko Inoue (Marimba)  Emi Kanda (Clarinet) Yaeko Tomita (Piano accomp.)

Jeune Concert Nagoya

Ticket:E mail

or call 080-3674-5884 (Attn: Mr.Koike)


School Concerts

Marimba + Clarinet + Piano

 Yuko Inoue (Marimba)  Emi Kanda (Clarinet) Yaeko Tomita (Piano accomp.)

October 21 (Mon.) in Kakamigaraha, Gifu Pref. Japan

October 31 (Thu.) in Gifu, Gifu Pref. Japan


Yuko Inoue Marimba Concert

with Megumi Smith (Marimba & Percussion)

October 25 (Thu.) 2013 16:00-

Hastings Public Library, Pasadena MAP

(This event is open to the public.)

For more information, Contact: Michael Pierce at 626-744-7263

Sponsored by Los Angeles County Arts Commission Public Concert



"Spot light" Percussion Recital

July 29 (Fri.) 2011 9-10:30am

Megumi Mizushima Smith

Per. & Mar./ Megumi Mizushima- Smith

Guest/ Aaron Smith (Per.), Yuko Inoue (Mar.)


 Megumi Mizushima-Smith

A native of Tokyo, Japan, Megumi Mizsuhima Smith is a musician and an educator in the Los Angeles area. She received her Master's in Music Arts degree in Percussion Performance at the California University, Northridge.


Hope for Sendai, Japan

July 31 (Sun.) 2011 4pm

California State University, Los Angeles
EAGLE Ballroom

Yuko Inoue (Marimba)+ Megumi Mizushima- Smith(Marimba & Percussion)






IBLA Grand Prize Winners Concert

April 29 2010


Carnegie Hall, New York


January 31- February 5 2010 

University of Ghana, GHANA 

for the King of the Ashanti the ruling tribe of Ghana
Accra, Ghana

St. Patrick's Day Party 

March 20 2010 (Sat.)

Woman's Club of Hollywood

Susan B Anthony Awards
for congress woman Diane Watson

March 29 2009 (Sat.)1:30 pmWoman's Club of Hollywood

Lunchon Concert 

April 8 2009 (Wed.)11:30 am

Woman's Club of Hollywood

IBLA Grand Prize Winners Gala Concert 

April 24 (Fri.)2009
Radford University, Virginia


Chapman University

May 2 2009 (Sat.)
Orange, California



Heavenly Music YUKO INOUE-Marimba

August 11, Saturday 1pm-

Cudahy Library

5218 Santa Ana St. Cudahy, CA 90201

Contact: Jaime Hueyopa (323)771-1353

Los Angeles County Arts Commission Public Concert


Los Angeles County Arts Commission Public Concert


June 17, Saturday 3pm-
Edendale Public Library

Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church Lanchon Concert


May 21, Sunday  12:30pm-
Beverly Hills

Los Angeles County Arts Commission Public Concert
(Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month)


May 16, Tuesday   18:30pm-
Agoura Hills Public Library 



November 12, Saturday 2005 Los Angeles

Rose Breast Cancer Society

May 3 2009 (Sun.)






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